The AccessData® LMS is an online, on-demand video-based delivery system for nearly all of AccessData’s training course material. Students are assigned the appropriate module or group of modules based on pre-selected learning path objectives that can be custom tailored for specific organizations.

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The program can be organized by role, by skill level or simply by course content. When needed, AccessData customers can also be given administrative access for supervision of employee progress and completion deadlines.


The Litigation Support Portal includes modules and content on AD Summation, Summation iBlaze, Enterprise and CaseVantage. It also includes more generalized education on the e-discovery.  This content models the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) identifying the process, the workflow, relevant data, preserving the data, collection, etc. 
The LMS Litigation Support portal currently offers more than 180 individual training modules relative to the Summation suite of products and the business problem of e-discovery.  Specific topic areas include:

    Summation Express & Pro
  • Reviewer (8 Modules)
  • Case Management (15 Modules)
  • Administration (9 Modules)

  • iBlaze
  • Basic Training (31 Modules)
  • Advanced Training (31 Modules)
  • Attorney Training (23 Modules)
  • eDiscovery Training (7 Modules)
  • IT/Lit Support Training (28 Modules)
  • Fundamentals (11 Modules)
  • Loading Data (8 Modules)
  • Administration (7 Modules)

  • Enterprise
  • Admin (9 Modules)
  • Differentials (7 Modules)

CaseVantage (4 Modules)

There are also webinars within the Litigation Support LMS Portal dealing with a variety of topics including handling social media in e-discovery and use of production tools.
The LMS is only available through the AccessData Litigation Support All Access Pass (AAP) or an LMS Starter Kit where you’re provided access to a limited number of modules to get you started using AD Summation software.

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AccessData Computer Forensics Training has built a reputation for industry leading and cutting edge training.  Serving all levels of expertise from the beginning end user to the advanced technical analyst, the AccessData Computer Forensics LMS courses provide the information and skills necessary to identify and extract even the most elusive forms of data.
In the Computer Forensics LMA portal, users can select course groupings covering all modern versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems.  There are courses specific to Internet artifacts and social networking sites.  Users can access vital information on all AccessData products and methodologies such as FTK user training with "AD BootCamp", Triage user training with "AD Triage" and decryption best practices with "Applied Decryption".  
The LMS Computer Forensics portal currently offers more than 75 individual training modules related to the AccessData Forensic product suite totaling more than 2600 minutes of education.  Specific topic areas include:

  • AccessData Triage
  • AccessData BootCamp
  • Macintosh Forensics
  • Windows Forensics Core
  • Windows Forensics Vista
  • Windows Forensics 7
  • Windows Forensics Registry
  • Internet Forensics
  • Applied Decryption

You can also prepare for your AccessData Certified Examiner credential with the modules and information located in the "ACE Certification" module. Register for, complete your certification test and generate your certificate all online at your on-demand convenience.

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Remember in addition to the on-demand convenience of the AccessData Learning Management System, we also offer traditional training services provided by the AccessData training services team to enhance your understanding of our software and to help you succeed with your project goals.
AccessData Training offers:

  • Onsite one-on-one or group classroom training
  • Live Online Training (LOT)
  • New release training webinars
  • Other customized training

The AccessData training team is constantly working to develop new and engaging learning materials, webinars, podcasts, self-paced online training, and anything else we can think of to help you succeed.

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