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Detect Unknown Threats with a Compromise Assessment…

We will forensically audit your enterprise at both the host and network communications levels to identify data leakage, anomalous behavior and malicious binaries. We’ll identify any known malicious processes and determine very quickly whether unknown binaries are malicious.

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Expert Testimony from the experts at AccessData.

In development of digital forensic and e-discovery software for over 25 years we have accumulated a wealth of experience in using our tools as well as other market leading solutions. Contact us today to learn how our seasoned professionals can provide objective analysis and reports, advising you every step of the way on the case at hand and how digital evidence may be interpreted.

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On-demand, Online Training…

In addition to our classroom and live, online interactive training options, we offer AccessData LMS. This online learning portal is a video-based delivery system for nearly all of AccessData’s training course material.

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Check out the two new courses in our litigation support and e-discovery topic areas.

Data Processing 101 course provides an in-depth look at the options available to a case manager when ingesting data into the new Summation platform. The Summation 2:00 a.m. Productions course is designed for all members of the litigation team and provides the essential tools needed to ingest a .pst file, cull it down, label it, and produce it. Call us today to schedule 800.574.5199!

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