The web-based document, electronic data and transcript review platform for today’s legal teams!

Summation is back and fueled by an industry first integration of AccessData’s celebrated data processing and analysis technology. The overhauled web-based Summation covers the post data collection stages of the e-discovery process and also includes transcript and case management functionality. Today’s Summation is a processing, data assessment and web-based review platform all-in-one. All this plus a tool that still addresses the needs of the desktop review and heritage Summation users. Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn more.


  • Data processing, ECA, and final review in one
  • Integrated Predictive Coding
  • Visualization tools showcase data relationships & custodian communication patterns
  • Interoperability with AccessData’s FTK and MPE+
  • Imports & exports load files for multiple review platforms including competitors’
  • Offline mobile case review
  • Transcript support with Real Time
  • Concordance migration wizard
  • Near native & word boundary redaction
  • Advanced case data filtering with 100s of unique facets
  • Ingest native, PSTs/NSFs and DII files

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All of the below features are included in Summation and incur no additional fees.


  • Process 700+ data types as you collect, while maintaining chain of custody.
  • Distributed processing for increased efficiency and greatly reduced processing time.
  • Automatically identifies and categorizes data, even encrypted files.
  • De-duplicate email and ESI across the matter or for a specific custodian, de-NiST and OCR.

Early Case Assessment/First Pass Review

  • Cull data by custodian, data source, document metadata and type.
  • Email threading and analytics.
  • Advanced search with hundreds of unique data filters.
  • Custom tagging and bookmarking.
  • Export to all industry standard load files and EDRM XML.


  • Next Generation E-Discovery Review Features
    • Integrated Technology Assisted Review (“TAR” or “Predictive Coding”)
    • Integrated visualization module with graphic representation of case data relationships and custodian communication patterns
    • Advanced search, including concept and ‘4D’
    • Web based with multi-user, multi-site support
    • Email threading, related documents, document family views, and linking
    • New issue coding & tagging panel with customized radio buttons and pick lists
    • Redact in near native view with word boundary support
  • Classic Summation Functionality
  • Native Concordance database migration for direct loading into Summation
  • Transcript review with Real Time, notes, color highlighting and reporting
  • Production tools including bates stamping, burned-in redactions and production history
  • Offline, mobile capability – take case offline, work on it, then sync up later


  • Interoperability with AccessData’s FTK and MPE+
  • Imports Concordance & Relativity load files
  • Native Concordance database migration
  • Exports Concordance, Relativity, Ringtail, iConect, Introspect & EDRM XML load files
  • Also available as a component of AD eDiscovery

The AD Approach to Technology Assisted Review

Same name, but a completely new approach to handling e-discovery data. Best of all AccessData developed the solution to meet the needs of the desktop iBlaze user of years past.

- Corporate Counsel

A completely new platform that competes with the most sophisticated processing and review tools on the market today

– Brett Burney, Law Technology News