Your Holistic E-Discovery Solution

AD eDiscovery is AccessData’s holistic e-discovery solution that integrates market leading collection and early case assessment features with the advanced final review functionality of Summation. It covers the entire e-discovery lifecycle from Litigation Hold to Review & Production and everything in between in one platform. Purpose-built by AccessData to be seamless and use the same interface and core, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution to your e-discovery requirements with no add-ons, modules or hidden costs AD eDiscovery is the answer!


  • Full-featured litigation hold including automated documentation, notification, escalation & extensive reporting, graphic hold & custodian status dashboard and synchronization with management databases such as PeopleSoft and SAP
  • Full or targeted collection on or off network from every possible source including workstations, laptops, network shares, email servers, databases, 30+ structured data repositories and the web.
  • Processes 700+ data types while maintaining chain of custody.
  • Visualization tools to show case data relationships & custodian communication patterns – now includes Geolocation and Heatmap!
  • Integrated Predictive Coding
  • Interoperability with AccessData’s FTK and MPE+

Litigation Hold

  • Easy-to-use and wizard-driven.
  • Hold notifications can include documentation, interview questions, notification to other required entities.
  • Real-time hold status.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Graphic dashboard showing hold status and custodian break-down as graphs and charts.
  • Synchronizes with management databases such as PeopleSoft and SAP to import and maintain custodian information.


  • Collect from workstations, laptops, network shares, email servers, databases, 30+ structured data repositories and the web including: (Google Docs, Exchange 2003/2007/2010, Exchange Pre-index, SharePoint 2003/2007/2010, Oracle URM, FileNet, Opentext, Documentum, Office 365 SharePoint, Xerox Docushare, IMAP & POP email, Symantec EV (journal/archive/files), websites, both Domino (Lotus) inbox and filtered, and others)
  • Collect all custodian data (even when custodian is off-network) or perform a targeted collection.
  • Perform incremental collections on data that has changed since a previous collection or pick up where an interrupted collection left off.
  • Reuse & associate collections with multiple cases.


  • Process 700+ data types as you collect, while maintaining chain of custody.
  • Distributed processing for increased efficiency and greatly reduced processing time.
  • Automatically identifies and categorizes data, even encrypted files.
  • De-duplicate email and ESI across the matter or for a specific custodian, de-NiST and OCR.

Early Case Assessment / First Pass Review

  • Cull data by custodian, data source, document metadata and type.
  • Email threading and analytics.
  • Advanced search with hundreds of unique data filters.
  • Custom tagging and bookmarking.
  • Export to all industry standard load files and EDRM XML.

Final Review and Production

  • Includes all functionality of Summation products.
  • Scanned document, electronic document, email and transcript review.
  • Production tools including bates stamping, burned-in redactions and production history.
  • Advanced search, with keyword, concept and '4-D'.
  • Offline, mobile capability.
  • Built in Predictive Coding.
  • Visualization of case data volumes, types and relationships.

Sample architecture reflects five server configuration for medium to large organizations. System can scale out with additional EP’s and Site Servers to support global enterprises. Smaller enterprises can reduce footprint by combining server functions.

The optional Public Site server allows for data collection beyond the corporate network. This means collection and investigation is no longer subject to travel schedules or complications presented with remote offices or those that work from home.

Current agent technology also provides options to push collection analysis onto the agent itself providing additional flexibility in instances where bandwidth or network connectivity are problematic.

The Future of Mobile E-Discovery

The AD Approach to Technology Assisted Review

We have literally done away with the creation of load files for our internal case load. It’s saved us countless hours in creation and troubleshooting
Lisa Steb
Lit Support Professional