Unified Digital Forensic and Investigative Solutions

The fastest, most robust, user-friendly digital investigation solutions available.

AccessData’s digital forensics solutions work together to provide the fastest, most comprehensive data acquisition and analysis capabilities for massive data sets collected from computers, network communications and mobile devices. AccessData technology from incident triage to large-scale, enterprise-class investigations solutions are the industry standard used by law enforcement, government agencies, and Fortune 500 organizations for investigations, legal proceedings and cybersecurity.

Reduce case backlog! Introduce processing proficiency.

Process cases faster by eliminating headaches and overhead related to digital evidence processing challenges. Index massive data sets up front, and “zero-in” on relevant evidence faster, dramatically increasing your analysis speed. AccessData offers the broadest OS and file support on the market which is paired with a state-of-the-art processing engine that easily expands to harness all the power of modern 64bit, multi-core computers.

Easily understand Big Data.

Separate relevant data from the inconsequential in Big Data sets. Easily understand and explain the differences to colleagues, barristers/attorneys and jurors. Leverage built-in data visualization technology to quickly discern the material investigative questions. Overcome many of the challenges attributed to the massive increase in mobile devices and mobile data usage associated with BYOD, e-discovery, and connected mobile applications with a centralized case database for all evidence.

Reduce operating expenses and improve investigative efficiency.

Reduce time, costs, and resources associated with investigations in today’s globally distributed workforce. Improve investigator efficiency and procedures by deploying unified solutions that meet all variety of challenges in the field and associated evidence targets from traditional laptops to smartphones and tablets. Quickly establish case facts through distributed processing, collaborative case analysis and the broadest technology portfolio on the market. Right solution, right technology, right now!