Unsurpassed Expertise; Unmatched Technology

AccessData Named 2013 HP AllianceOne Security Partner of the Year

Our incident responders have backgrounds as government and Fortune 100 cyber security practitioners, and our services are regularly enlisted by some of the largest organizations in the world to deal with complex and sophisticated compromises. Because AccessData is also a leading cyber security software developer, our clients have the benefit of working with services experts who have unmatched expertise in the technology and the support of our development team behind them.

The Technology Sets Us Apart

AccessData’s Cyber Intelligence & Response Technology (CIRT) is the only cyber security platform of its kind, integrating host, network and malware analysis, as well as large-scale auditing and built-in batch remediation. This is the first solution to provide in-depth analysis of data at rest and data in motion through a single pane of glass. Because of the technology comprising our CIRT platform, we don’t have to rely on signature-based tools, whitelists, blacklists or sandboxes to detect, analyze and respond to incidents of any kind. In addition we have visibility into everything happening at the host and network levels. Therefore, we are not reliant upon event logs and manual correlation of data. So whether it’s previously unknown malware, an advanced persistent threat, zero day event or savvy malicious insider, we have the power to detect it faster and remediate it faster than any other provider in the market.


Once we deploy our technology, we can see your network communications, scan tens of thousands of nodes to see what’s happening at the host level—including the detection of unknown malicious binaries that signature-based tools miss. We are able to identify all anomalous data and behavior, because we have 360-degree visibility into your enterprise… nothing can hide.

Compromise Assessment

By correlating network and host analysis, we can map proliferation and expose all nodes that have been compromised. Our ability to scan tens of thousands of computers and correlate findings with graphic visualization of network communications allows us to determine the breadth and scope of a compromise with unmatched speed.

Root Cause Analysis

We are forensic specialists and have mastered the art and science of root cause analysis. Our technology enables us to delve deep, reconstruct an event and trace the origin of the compromise.


We work with you to construct a remediation plan in keeping with the procedures your internal policies dictate. However, unlike other incident response service providers, we are also able to leverage our technology to perform remote batch remediation—killing and wiping malware and purging sensitive data from unsecure locations. The remediation is performed on all compromised nodes simultaneously, getting the job done in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

Malware Reverse Engineering

AccessData will perform static, dynamic and behavioral analysis of malware to give you a deep understanding of how it works and what its mission is. However, unlike other providers, we are also able to determine the behavior and intention of a binary in seconds, allowing you to make critical decisions before waiting for hours or days on traditional reverse engineering. Our malware analysis solution, Cerberus, is the first and only technology to perform disassembly and simulation of suspect binaries without running them in a sandbox. No need for signature-based tools or heuristics… We just give you actionable intelligence without the wait.