Visibility, Integration and Automation with AccessData Cyber Security Software

AccessData Named 2013 HP AllianceOne Security Partner of the Year In order to effectively detect and investigate security incidents, such as advanced persistent threats, zero day attacks, sophisticated malware and data leakage, organizations must employ forensic analysis. Detecting unknown threats and understanding the root cause of an incident is impossible without forensic visibility into all that is happening across your enterprise. AccessData is the only company to provide its clients with computer forensics, network forensics and malware analysis technologies.

Not only are we the sole provider delivering all these technologies; we‘re the first and only company to integrate them into a single platform. So organizations looking to implement the most advanced response capabilities possible are able to see all this critical data through a single pane of glass. Furthermore, our solutions don’t just dump more data into your lap; they allow you take action with state-of-the-art remote remediation capabilities. With AccessData, you will detect more and respond faster to secure your information assets.

Meet Your Greatest Cyber Security Challenges Head On with AccessData Incident Response and Information Assurance Solutions…

  • Data Leakage and Theft
  • Regulatory Compliance (PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and more)
  • Malicious Insiders
  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Zero-day Exploits
  • Sophisticated Malware
  • Enforcing Usage Policies
  • Continuous Monitoring including…
    • Removable Media
    • Laptops that Aren’t Logged Into Your Network
SilentRunner Sentinel

SilentRunner® Sentinel

SilentRunner® operates like a network surveillance camera, enabling you to answer the difficult question of “What happened?” in the aftermath of a network security incident.
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Cyber Intelligence and Response Technology CIRT

Cyber Intelligence and Response Technology

CIRT enables government and commercial organizations to effectively address data spillage, external threats and internal threats, providing the most comprehensive view into critical data.
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AD Lab

AD Enterprise

Built on our industry-standard, court-accepted Forensic Toolkit® technology, AD Enterprise delivers state-of-the-art incident response and deep dive analysis of both volatile and static data. Read More