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Get the AD Enterprise Promo Bundle for only just $12,500

For a limited time, AccessData invites you to obtain AD Enterprise for just $12,500 (€9375). You already get remote preview, analysis and acquisition with FTK, but now you can affordably implement an enterprise-class investigations capability in your organization.

This solution gives you much broader investigative reach with 10 concurrent connections and the ability to analyze memory/volatile data on all 10 nodes simultaneously. Being able to investigate and acquire 10 computers simultaneously coupled with industry-leading memory/volatile data analysis, will give you a far greater return on investment than relying on stand-alone products or other very limited “enterprise” offers.

AccessData leads the way in digital investigations with more than 130,000 AccessData users worldwide.

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AD Enterprise Software License
Built on FTK, the most advanced computer forensics technology on the market, AD Enterprise delivers superior analysis and ease of use. For example, there is no scripting required with AccessData technology, the product does what you need it to do, usually in one click. In addition, for added convenience, users don’t need a dongle and the hardware requirements are the same as FTK. 

10 Concurrent Connections
With 10 concurrent connections you can tackle real-world enterprise investigations and security incidents more efficiently and effectively.

Volatile Data/Memory Analysis on 10 Computers Concurrently
With AD Enterprise you’re not limited in your ability to analyze volatile data and memory. It’s not an add-on module. You can preview and acquire the data instantly, and it provides more extensive view into the data within a dedicated incident response console. This is a critical capability in defending your assets against security breaches and malicious insiders.

To make your transition even easier, the AD Enterprise promotional package includes our on-demand training via AccessData LMS to get you up and running quickly. Training modules include the following:

  • Working with AD Enterprise Part 1
  • Working with AD Enterprise Part 2
  • Processing Remote Data
  • Registry Analysis
  • Volatile Data
  • Remediation
  • Reporting

One year of software maintenance ensures timely delivery of all updates to the software over the term.

Installation Support
Get up and running quickly with remote installation support from one of our AD Enterprise specialists.

The Opportunity to Expand Your Solution at 50% off the List Price
Expand this solution for 50% off list price.

Free ACE® Certification
AccessData doesn’t charge our clients to become certified in the use of our technology. You can study for and take the AccessData Certified Examiner® test for free.   

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Differential Volatile Data Display
Differential Volatile Data Display
Batch Remediation Console
Batch Remediation Console


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