ACE Process

The AccessData Certified Examiner™ credential

The ACE Certification consists of one multiple choice exam with both Knowledge Based and Practical Based components. There are no prerequisites. The exam is taken in a “On Your Own” format:

ACE On Your Own – The candidate takes an automated online exam at a time of their choosing after registering and receiving login credentials from AccessData. Details of the procedure are listed below.

NOTE: The ACE exam is available in both English and Spanish.

ACE On Your Own

  • The candidate registers for ACE by completing the online registration form. (see the link to the form at the bottom of this section)
  • The candidate will receive login credentials and instructions by email from AccessData.
  • The candidate, in preparation for the exam, downloads an image file, creates and processes a case in FTK according to the instructions provided.
  • The candidate then logs into the online exam and answers the questions based on the case which has been built.

NOTE: The ACE On Your Own option requires the candidate to have access to a computer with licensed copies of FTK Imager, FTK, Registry Viewer and PRTK. The exam is based on the current versions of these tools.

ACE Registration Form >

ACE Credential Maintenance

  • ACE Credential Maintenance is required two years after the initial ACE certification. and every two years thereafter to maintain the ACE credential.
  • If the ACE certification expires the candidate must wait a period of six months before being permitted to take the ACE certification exam again.
  • ACE Credential Maintenance requires passing the current ACE examination; the examination can be taken online at a time of your choosing.
  • The examination will be based on the most current versions of FTK, FTK Imager, Registry Viewer and PRTK.
  • There is no educational requirement for ACE Credential Maintenance.
    • Use the email link below for inquiries about ACE Maintenance:
    • Verify ACE status
    • Provide current email address for reminder notices
    • Register for the exam

    Email the ACE Manager >

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