E-Discovery from AccessData

Overcome your E-Discovery challenges with a single solution.

The process of e-discovery with AccessData software is integrated yet modular. All AccessData e-discovery solutions are built on the battle tested and highly regarded forensic processing core. With AccessData you are never locked into a solution – each of our products is modular so customers can purchase what they need and nothing more. And of course AD is philosophically opposed to throughput fees or hidden add-ons of any kind.

Get unsurpassed ROI.

AccessData’s E-discovery solutions provide massive cost and time savings with regard to human resources, processing, hosting, storage and attorney review. AD customers have recuperated the cost of AD eDiscovery in as little as 45 days. Investment in AD eDiscovery is usually recuperated with one large case or 4 average-sized cases. Over a period of 2 years, an organization can realize an ROI of up to 286%.

Increase productivity with automation and collaboration.

Tackle security staffing challenges through automation and identification of true threats vs. the legion of alerts most organizations are buried under today. Increase efficiency with a solution that integrates with a host of enterprise HR database solutions that starts with litigation hold through collection, processing, analysis and final review. Simplify information security infrastructure, integrated analysis, automation and better collaboration across teams.

Make E-Discovery costs predictable.

Reduce risks (chain-of-custody, meeting deadlines) associate with outsourcing e-discovery activities. Slash costs related to outsourcing processing, analysis, hosting and per GB fees. Significantly reduce costs by adopting a fully integrated e-discovery solution with broad coverage across the EDRM.

Reduce risk and stay in compliance.

Ensure your organizations will meet legal obligations for ESI preservation. Gain internal capability to issue custodian notifications, quickly preserve ESI, and track the legal hold process.