E-Discovery Processing & Early Case Assessment

AccessData Litigation Services is a processing powerhouse currently supporting the enormous processing needs of today’s largest litigations. The heavy-hitters choose us because of our speed, accuracy and the forensic processing difference – meaning our dedicated team uses the FTK-built processing technology to handle the most complex file types with ease. We never drop data or skip files so you can always count on a complete data set. AD’s distributed processing model means we can decrypt, extract, OCR and categorize data faster than any other service on the market. After processing we offer extensive filtering and analysis options to help you with early case assessment and the reduction of data you send on to final review.


AD’s processing service can de-NIST, de-duplicate, OCR image files and scanned documents, decrypt, break out archives and more via true distributed processing, which dramatically reduces processing time. Highlights of our offering are below:
  • Distributed processing automatically decrypts, OCRs, extracts data and categorizes it faster than any other product on the market
  • Advanced searching, filtering and tagging options for fast and effective culling include:
  • Easily handles data from over over 55 file systems, 10 forensic image formats, 18 email types, and over 700 file types including windows RAM and new, exotic and unknown file formats such as non-Windows-based files, corrupt files, deleted files, large files, embedded files and open files & emails.
  • de-NIST’s via the AD “Known File Filter” automatically during processing. This removes all system files and any other known irrelevant file.
  • De-Duplication is based on MD5 hash performed either within a source/custodian or across sources/custodians at the project level.
  • Includes multi-language support with full Unicode and code page support for the full spectrum of Western European, Eastern European, Cyrillic and Asian languages.
  • Tiffing: clients can choose tiffs or pdfs as an export option after the processing phase.
  • Native file export, load file export for multiple industry-standard platforms, or direct porting to our hosted review platform are all export options.
  • Extensive reporting including file breakout/exception reports, de-duplicaiton reports and detailed processing reports with metrics per custodian or across matters.

Early Case Assessment

After processing, AD’s Litigation Support Services can perform Early Case Assessment services such as culling, filtering and data analysis techniques that work together to reduce your data set to a more manageable size and help cut the costs associated with attorney review. Highlights include:
  • Filtering: Work with our team to choose from hundreds of unique filters that allow you to slice and dice data by custodian, document type, data source, date, keyword, metadata fields email date sent and received, email address, sender/ recipient, file type and more.
  • Advanced Email Analysis: View threads or conversations chronologically and in context, activate thread suppression, tag items up or down an email chain, and mark whole strings for deletion or further review.
  • Custodian Analytics: Filter searches by custodian(s) to determine relationships and monitor communications to gain a clear picture of what transpired.
  • Keyword Searching: Search options include boolean, proximity, stemming, related words, phonic, wildcard, synonym, concept, fuzzy and relevancy ranking of search results. Keyword variations panel suggests keyword variations that can be included in the search.
  • Reporting: Reports of all ECA actions including filtering results, when a search took place, what keywords were used, who performed it, and what items were searched, names of files that had hits, how many total hits per file, hit count by category, search options used, what filters were applied, etc.

Next Steps: Hosted Case Review and Management

Once data is processed and culled, AccessData’s litigation support team can load it into our hosted platform for legal review and case management.