E-Discovery Early Data Assessment & Collection

AccessData is the leading provider of forensically sound data acquisition products for law firms, corporate law departments and the world’s most complex government bodies and three-letter agencies. Let our highly trained and dedicated services team put that technology and experience to work for you assessing and collecting your data in the most secure and flexible ways possible.

Audit & Early Data Assessment

Before actually collecting, AccessData experts can audit your entire data universe to perform an “early data assessment”. This will give you:
  • A realistic picture of how much data the legal matter involves.
  • A snapshot of how many assets custodian data resides on.
  • The ability to refine or expand your search requirements, if necessary.
  • Assistance in accurately projecting the cost and time required to address your legal matter.
  • A dynamic report to refer to throughout the life of the matter.


Our experts are equipped to handle even the most massive collection requirements quickly, efficiently and defensibly. See below for highlights.
  • We can provide either on-site or remote forensic collection of electronically stored information (“ESI”)
  • We can forensically collect from workstations, laptops, network shares, email servers, databases and 30+ structured data repositories, including SharePoint, Enterprise Vault and Documentum.
  • Our team can help you choose whether to collect only relevant electronically stored information using advanced searching and filtering – or collect all custodian-created data.
  • When doing subsequent collections for the same custodians, we can collect only the data that has been altered since our last collection.
  • When it is necessary to collect from custodians that are not in the office, our ‘Smart Restart’ functionality automatically resumes a collection at the point of interruption when a computer goes offline and then re-connects.

Back Up Tapes & Media Conversion

In addition to collecting ESI, AccessData also provides backup tape extraction and media conversion. This data can then be indexed with any collected ESI for attorney review via our web interface or for export to you.

Next Steps: Processing and Early Case Assessment

Once data is collected, AccessData’s processing and early case assessment services will ensure that the data set is effectively culled to control your attorney review and hosting costs.