Replace the hassle and expense of paper service by mail with electronic delivery of pleadings

AccessData eServe is a service combining electronic delivery of pleadings, postings, letters and orders with an online repository that is accessible to all parties in a litigation.

How Does it Work?

  1. The originating party posts the pleading documents to our online vault along with title, description and time posted.

  2. The system then instantly generates a notification of receipt to the posting party, which serves as proof of service.

  3. All parties then receive an email notifying them that the document has been posted in the database. This email includes a link to the document in the repository.

  4. Users can then log in and view, search and download the pleading documents, which have been automatically placed in labeled folders by the upload wizard.

eServe Details

  • eServe supports hundreds of litigants and is ideal for large, geographically disparate cases. It can be used by all parties to a litigation, including court systems, and the parties can share fees.
  • Users can make documents searchable by key terms and lists of documents can be sorted by:
    • Party
    • Type of document
    • Title of document
    • Description of Document
    • Time posted
    • Time of notification
  • User Tiers include “Full Access” and “Notification Only” options.
  • Users can download documents directly to their desktop.