Detect the Unknown and Validate Suspected Malicious Activity

AccessData can proactively or reactively audit and monitor your enterprise to detect or validate suspicions of data theft, data leakage, fraudulent activity or other malicious behavior.

Our greatest strength is our ability to detect the unknown. Too frequently, we uncover credit card numbers or social security numbers in unsecure locations or we expose an employee’s previously undetected policy violations… violations that could cost the organization a great deal of money in law suits or stolen intellectual property.

Our solutions give us visibility into everything happening across an enterprise, including the ability to detect malicious binaries and unapproved applications without relying on signature-based tools. So whether you’re interested in a proactive audit to ensure that you’re in compliance with regulations and that there are is no wrongdoing in your organization… or you suspect wrongdoing and need to validate your suspicions, we can give you the actionable intelligence you need.

Enterprise Search and Remediation of Sensitive or Unauthorized Information

The large-scale, smart-target auditing capabilities of AD eDiscovery allow us to scan your enterprise to ensure there is no data leakage. If data is found in unsecure locations, we are then able to drill down to determine how it got there, what was done with it and who was responsible. In addition, we are able to clean up data spills efficiently and effectively, either using our remote wiping abilities or following the procedures dictated by your internal policies.

Monitoring Egress Points for PII, Classified Data or Intellectual Property

In addition to auditing desktops, laptops, network shares and other assets across your organization, we are able to monitor your network to see whether sensitive data is being sent outside the enterprise. Again, if data exfiltration is detected, we can drill down into the computers involved, monitor those users’ network activity and put an end to any wrongdoing.

If the data loss is due to malware or other external threat, our technology allows us to zero in on that exploit without reliance on signature-based tools or whitelists. So even if it’s a previously unknown piece of malware, an APT or a zero-day event, we can track it down and remediate.

Auditing and Monitoring Traveling Employees

Traditionally, monitoring solutions are blind once the employee logs off the organization’s network. This is not the case with AccessData technology. Even if suspects are using their company laptop on airport Wi-Fi, AccessData Professional Services will be able to leverage the host-based analysis of both SilentRunner and AD Enterprise to see internet activity and analyze static and volatile data, so the investigation is not interrupted and evidence is not missed.

Removable Media Monitoring

Use of removable media can be monitored and we can even set up controls to prevent certain items from being copied to removable media.

Monitoring to Validate Suspicions of Inappropriate Content Access

Using our network and host forensics capabilities, we can detect when anybody accesses an explicit website or other malicious sites, and we can easily drill down to uncover any explicit or otherwise inappropriate material that may be saved on an employee’s drive.