Digital Forensics Services Like No Other Provider

AccessData’s digital forensics experts leverage our broad array of market-leading solutions to provide the most comprehensive analysis available. With smart-target search and collection and the most innovative static data, volatile data, mobile device and network analysis technologies, the forensics service spectrum delivered by AccessData far exceeds the basic acquisition capabilities of most providers.

We leverage our technology to provide not only efficient acquisition and analysis of computers but to correlate computer analysis with network communications data to validate suspected internal wrongdoing, build a more comprehensive case and provide a full 360-degree picture of what happened and who was involved.

Contact AccessData Professional Services for assistance with a variety of needs, including the following:

  • Intellectual Property Theft Detection and Investigation
  • HR Investigations
  • Civil or Criminal Cases
  • Fraud Detection and Investigation
  • And more…

Learn more about the technologies in our investigative arsenal:

Forensics Toolkit® – FTK
Computer Forensics with Unmatched Volatile/Memory Analysis

AD Enterprise
Enterprise-class Computer Forensic Acquisition and Analysis

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus
Unsurpassed Mobile Device Analysis, with Superior iOS Support

Network Forensics That’s Like Having a Surveillance Camera on Your Network

Automated malware triage with threat scoring and industry-first disassembly analysis to determine behavior and intent without a sandbox or signature-based technologies.