Risk Toolkit

Enterprise-Wide Compliance


Addressing the Evolving Need for Compliance

More and more, corporations need complete visibility into where their data resides across the enterprise so they can protect it, collect it and ensure compliance. Combined with new and changing regulations and heightened scrutiny around data protection, everyone—from CEOs to consumers—needs to respond to data compromises quickly, minimizing damage to operations, reputation and finances.


Find and remediate nearly any potential data compliance threat


Access files and data discreetly to search and destroy potential risks


Delete data, or capture images of data for gathering evidence in an investigation powerfully and defensively

AccessData understands these challenges. Working with customers, we’re currently developing AD RTK, which will leverage our proven enterprise search and forensic collection analysis capabilities. Powered by industry-leading investigative forensics tools, AD RTK will empower corporations to find and eliminate information risk across the enterprise, no matter the location or source. With AD RTK, you’ll be able to locate data, assess compliance risk and delete offending files or kill risky processes, stopping bad behavior in its tracks. Look for its full release later this year.

Managing Data Risk and Compliance

Ensuring compliance is challenging when data is located across various endpoints on your network. How can your organization get ahead of the challenges and efficiently and effectively manage risk?

Capabilities to Empower You

  • Identify and locate data using proven, advanced enterprise search
  • Inventory software on endpoints across the enterprise
  • Forensically copy or collect suspect data for analysis
  • Dedupe and eliminate extraneous data
  • Report on responsive files/emails and share findings across IT, InfoSec, legal, compliance and audit teams
  • Target and automatically remediate non-compliant data and processes 

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Our Professional Services team can work with any size organization to provide scalable support for short- or long-term initiatives, based on your needs.

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