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Why You Want It

The rise of Big Data — including increased data size and more diverse data types — represents a watershed moment for the world of forensic investigations. As labs struggle with backlogs and are under pressure to work cases faster, humans understand they can’t analyze the volumes of data on their own. Their demand for technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) just keeps growing.

Enter Quin-C, the bright new future of forensics investigations for labs of all sizes. This pioneering solution supports the unique workflows of forensics labs and helps them dramatically improve efficiency and throughput.

Delivering first-in-the-industry forensic tools with groundbreaking collaboration, automation, data visualization and UI customization features, Quin-C makes it easier for investigation teams to locate, understand and report on key pieces of data.

Gain a new view on forensics

Quin-C scales distributed processing better and farther than any other forensics solution. It supports an extensive technology ecosystem, UI customization, and new collaboration features, and surfaces insights through robust visualization tools.

Advanced Analysis for better results

Quin-C delivers advanced analysis technology not found in other forensic solutions. True AI learning algorithms enhance investigations, discovering patterns and relationships across data sets in a way that humans can’t.

Improve efficiency & throughput

With Quin-C, you’ll enjoy speed and efficiency, making it easier to collaborate, track progress, automate tasks, uncover insights and analyze data. You can scale the talents of your most highly trained investigators while maximizing skills of non-technical staff.

Features Built Around You

Capabilities to Empower You

  • Comprehensive, integrated forensics solution supports the unique, dynamic workflow of forensics labs.
  • Advanced UI customization lets you match layout and permissions to specific investigations and specific users. 
  • Workflow automation, task tracking and integrated chat helps you scale the talents of your most highly trained investigators and maximize the skills of lesser-trained staff.
  • Integrated, interactive data visualization tools — timelines, maps, charts and link analysis — help you understand your data and investigate your case.
  • True artificial intelligence monitors investigators to enhance future investigations.
  • Cross-evidence insight discovers patterns and relationships across data sets in a way humans can’t.
  • Database analysis enables SQL commands to explore data at the deepest level.
  • C# code injection produces efficient targeted searching.

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