What is Your Mobile Security and Incident Readiness Plan?

By Michael F. Finneran, Gigaom Research

User-driven demand for enterprises to support a wider selection of mobile devices (either company-provided or BYOD), connected to your company networks, creates a greater need for new security measures. However, the current tools (MDM, MAM and MEM) may not have the advanced capabilities to truly prepare for mobile security incidents.

Read this report by Michael F. Finneran of Gigaom Research to understand how to strengthen your mobile visibility and analysis into your organization’s overall security program.

  • Encompass a full security cycle of protection, detection and response across your networks, endpoints and mobile.
  • Expand an organization’s security readiness and incident response plan to incorporate mobile devices, data and applications.
  • Extract all of the data that is stored in mobile devices and applications.
  • Detect mobile intrusions and most importantly, analyze data in a proactive fashion to minimize risks.

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